Career Devlopment

Up The Ladder

We give Team Members the tools they need to mooove up their career ladder.

Lizbeth – Tuition Reimbursement

"I was undecided on whether or not go back to school for my master’s degree just a year after graduating with a bachelors in social sciences.

Stew’s helped me make this decision easier when I learned that tuition reimbursement was offered to its team members. Later that year, I enrolled for a part-time MBA program at UCONN. I received a lot of support and encouragement from management and human resources immediately after I inquired about tuition reimbursement.

My president and directors were very flexible with the school schedule and all the business international trips I took (Prague, Budapest, Shanghai, and Beijing). The store directors would inquire about what I was learning or if I was struggling with any classes, their professional opinion was always appreciated. 

After 4 years, I graduated with an MBA (Masters in Business Administration), with a concentration in management and international business. Stew’s paid for a third of my master’s degree. WOW! A great benefit, more team members should take advantage of."

Nevin – Career Development

"If you are looking for growth from within, look no further! I am proud to say that I started my career as a teenager in the Front End of our Yonkers’ store. Over the past 12 years, Stew Leonard’s has provided me with so many valuable experiences, from training in every department and opening multiple stores to graduating from our Management Training and Leadership Bootcamp programs. I am so grateful for the opportunities Stew’s has given me and look forward to the challenges and successes that lie ahead."

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program provides structured learning experiences and on-the-job training.  The program purpose is to develop a pipeline of skillfull team leaders/supervisors that are ready to take on the Assistant Manager role in a given department.  They will get on-the-job experience in multiple departments and may work in other stores.  They will have the opportunity to develop their technical skills and product knowledge and at the same time learn about our values and culture, financial measures and operations.  After applying, Emerging Leaders are selected because they are self-starters, are interested in a career with Stew Leonard’s, willing to relocate when we open more stores, and demonstrate the commitment to ongoing learning, hard work and continuous improvement.


Management Training

The Management Training (MT) for College Graduates program is an in-depth and accelerated program, designed to attract, retain and develop candidates with a bachelor’s degree into management positions.  During the 12-18 month program, participants:

  • Learn hands-on the daily operations of a specified department.
  • Commit to rigorous monthly goals and maintain a weekly learning log.
  • Partner with the highest-performing department managers as coaches.
  • Meet regularly with upper levels of management to review progress.
  • Participate in leadership development training sessions.
  • And hear presentations from in-house experts on topics such as finance, wine and e-commerce.


Leadership Boot Camp

Leadership Boot Camp is a program designed to provide enhanced leadership experience and development for high-potential managers and directors.  During the 6-8 month program, participants:

  • Are exposed to upper levels of management through monthly meetings.
  • Address a current strategic business issue with fellow boot campers, along with positive guidance from senior managers.
  • Participate in activities which include a mentoring relationship, book club, 360 assessment and executive coaching.
  • Enjoy dedicated time with Stew Jr. and Stew Sr.
  • Spend one-on-one time with company executives.