Keeping Our Team MOOOving

Stew Leonard’s prides itself on not only being concerned about the wellness of its team members at work, but also outside of work. Offering a variety of activities, resources, classes, and programs to improve the lives of their team members and their families. There is something for everyone!

From financial wellness classes, healthy eating, weight loss challenges, to purchasing over a 1000 Fitbit wellness trackers, hosting its own Stew- Lympics, Stew Leonard’s is always thinking up creative ways to keep the team MOOVING and healthy financially, mentally, socially, and physically.

Wellness and Safety Fairs

Stew’s hold fairs throughout the year to educate Team Members about wellness and safety at work and at home.
The day includes health screenings, raffles, and giveaways!

Health Screenings and Programs

On-site physicals, mammograms, and vaccine clinics… Stew’s makes it convenient by hosting these events in the store!

Fitness Programs

Get MOOving with our Fitbit challenges, walk at work program, hiking club, and company sponsored sports teams.

Nutrition/Weight-Loss Programs

From in-house programs like the Healthy Recipe Challenge and 10 Pound Challenge to reimbursing programs like
Weight Watchers, Stew Leonard’s invests in the wellness of its Team Members.

Mental Wellness

Stew’s cares about the mental, as well as the physical wellness of our Team Members. We offer an Employee Assistance Program for all our Full Time Team Members. If a full-time team member is going through a hard time they can call 24/7 and get assistant. We also have local resources for part-time Team Members. No matter what’s going on in your life, Stew’s has confidential resources that can help.